who we are

We've helped our customers with every aspect of tomato sourcing for over 20 years. But our love of fresh produce has blossomed and we now grow, ship and repack a far wider variety of fresh fruits and vegetables - all harvested in the same 10 regions of Mexico that we've been growing our delicious tomatoes. With distribution and repacking centers located in Texas, Arizona and partner locations throughout the U.S., we deliver freshness nationally all year round.

Tomato Management in response to the growing demand for Latin American produce by opening Tomato Management’s first distribution/repacking center in McAllen; providing access to 80,000 square foot of cold chain managed packing, consolidation, private labeling and distribution services. As Mexico continues to build new highways that connect the Pacific Coast with the eastern section of the U.S.-Mexican border, “The New Route” continues to position Tomato Management as a leading source for Latin American produce.

Prices and availability can change quickly but our customers know they will be competitive in the marketplace. Here at Tomato Management, we consider ourselves partners with our customers and growers. We maintain a diverse and reliable supply chain so we can respond quickly to the market and offer our customers competitive pricing.

Blue Book Rating
300 XXX B

Our Blue Book Rating reflects our overall financial strength, trading practices, reputation and average number of days within which vendors and suppliers are paid.