services overview


We offer this service for clients wanting to make sure a particular field is of adequate quality and fits within individual specification guidelines. Our inspector will go out into the field and inspect product before and/or during harvest. We will note any quality defects as well as size, weight, etc. and relay this information to our clients. Digital photos and a quality report will be included with this service. This service is billed as a flat rate per field.


This service provides the ultimate piece-of-mind for our clients. This is the only sure way to know what is being loaded on particular orders. Our inspector will hand pick the freshest, highest quality lots possible and make sure it conforms to any other specifications provided. We will ascertain pulp temperatures, take digital photos, sticker each pallet with TMC labels, and physically watch the product being loaded on the truck. Our inspector will keep in contact with our client throughout this process to provide accurate descriptions, get verbal approval to load, and follow up with any other questions or comments. We will then send out a quality report and digital photos in a timely manner. This service is billed as a flat rate per order.

Inspection Pictures

Pictures complete the visual we strive to provide for our clients. All of our quality consultants carry high resolution digital cameras as well as lower resolution camera-phones. While digital cameras provide a clearer, higher resolution picture, camera-phone pictures can be sent to our clients in a matter of seconds, not hours. By offering both these options we accommodate our clients' needs whether the emphasis is time or quality. Our rates for this service vary depending on quantity of pictures.

Private Labeling

It makes sense for the bottom line. “The higher percentage of private label sales, the more financially sound that retailer is. Financial experts perceive private label offerings as more profitable. Private label products typically offer something that consumers can’t get anywhere else, encouraging repeat business. Chains with multiple banners can offer the same private label throughout the company, increasing brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Market Forecasting

We have an intimate understanding of the shifting factors influencing produce prices and can help you make informed decisions on when and what to purchase and promote.